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August Leaves / Agathi Keerai / Sukanasamu / Gaach Munga / Agase Mara / Agati / Drigapalaka Powder

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August Leaves / Agathi Keerai / Sukanasamu Powder

August Leaves / Agathi Keerai / Sukanasamu / Gaach Munga / Agase Mara / Agati / Drigapalaka Powder


Known as:

Hindi  - Agasti Tamil  - Agathi Keerai Powder Telugu  - Agise Kannada  - Agastya Malayalam  -Agati  Sanskrit - Agati,Dirghaphalaka Common English Names  - August Leaves Powder, Bak Phul Leaves Powder  Botanical Name  - Sesbania Grandiflora


Peepal Fruit (Arasam Pazham / Arasam Palam) Powder



This package has 100% pure and organic Agathi Keerai Powder with out any chemicals or preservatives.



Agathi keerai powder is a traditional and nutritious ingredient used in South Indian cuisine. Here's some content to showcase its benefits and how it can be incorporated into daily cooking:

Introduction to Agathi Keerai Powder
Introduce agathi keerai (Sesbania grandiflora) as a leafy green vegetable commonly found in South India.Highlight its rich nutritional profile, including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.Explain how agathi keerai is dried and ground to create a fine powder for easy culinary use.

Health Benefits of Agathi Keerai
Describe the various health benefits of consuming agathi keerai powder regularly.Mention its high iron content, making it beneficial for individuals with anemia and low iron levels.Discuss its role in improving digestion and promoting gut health due to its dietary fiber content.Emphasize the presence of essential nutrients like calcium, vitamin C, and beta-carotene, which support overall well-being.

Culinary Uses and Recipes
Provide traditional South Indian recipes that incorporate agathi keerai powder, such as agathi keerai poriyal (stir-fry) or agathi keerai sambar (lentil-based stew).Suggest using the powder as a healthy addition to dosa and idli batter for an extra boost of nutrition.Offer creative ideas for using agathi keerai powder in non-traditional dishes like soups, salads, and smoothies.

Easy Incorporation into Daily Diet
Offer practical tips on how to include agathi keerai powder in everyday meals for both adults and children.Encourage readers to experiment with the powder in their favorite recipes for a nutritious twist.Provide a list of other ingredients that pair well with agathi keerai powder to enhance its flavor and health benefits.

Ayurvedic and Medicinal Uses
Explore the historical and medicinal significance of agathi keerai in Ayurveda and traditional medicine.Mention its role in promoting hair and skin health due to its rich nutrient content.Include cautionary notes for pregnant women and individuals with specific medical conditions, if applicable.

Homemade Agathi Keerai Powder
Share a step-by-step guide on making agathi keerai powder at home for those who prefer a DIY approach.Highlight the freshness and authenticity of homemade powder, free from preservatives and additives.

Sourcing and Storage Tips
Provide guidance on where to find high-quality agathi keerai powder in local markets or online stores.Offer tips on proper storage to maintain the freshness and flavor of the powder for an extended period.

Sustainable and Nutritious Choice
Emphasize the eco-friendliness and sustainability of using agathi keerai powder as a natural and locally available ingredient.Mention how incorporating this nutritious powder into one's diet can be a beneficial step towards a healthier lifestyle.Remember to add images of agathi keerai leaves and the powder being used in various dishes to make the content visually appealing and enticing. Always encourage readers to consult with a healthcare professional before making significant changes to their diet, especially if they have existing health conditions or allergies.




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