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Marsh Barbel Leaves / Neermulli Ilai Powder

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Weight#: 50 grams
Marsh Barbel Leaves / Neermulli Ilai / Niru Goranta Powder

Marsh Barbel Leaves / Neermulli Ilai 

Known As

Hindi  - Nil Jhinti  Tamil  - Neermulli   Powder  Telugu - Gobbi, Mulu Goranta , Niru Goranta    Malayalam  - Karimkurunni

Sanskrit - kurantakah  Common English Names  - Marsh Barbel Leaf Powder, Barleria Powder    Botanical Name  - Barleria cristata


This package has 100% pure and organic Marsh Barbel Leaves / Neermulli Ilai Powder with out any chemicals or preservatives.


Marsh Barbel, scientifically known as Scoparia dulcis, is a botanical treasure celebrated for its potential health benefits. Experience the goodness of Marsh Barbel Leaves Powder – a convenient and versatile way to incorporate this herbal wonder into your wellness routine.

Blood Sugar Support

 Marsh Barbel Leaves Powder is believed to have properties that may help regulate blood sugar levels. It could be a valuable addition to the routine of those looking to maintain balanced glucose levels.

Digestive Harmony

 The soothing properties of Marsh Barbel may contribute to digestive wellness. Incorporating the powder into your diet may help ease occasional digestive discomfort.

Anti-Inflammatory Potential

 Marsh Barbel Leaves are known for their potential anti-inflammatory effects. Regular consumption of the powder may help alleviate mild inflammation and promote overall comfort.

Immune Boost

Rich in antioxidants, Marsh Barbel Leaves Powder might offer immune support by helping to protect your cells from oxidative stress and environmental factors.

Respiratory Wellness

Some traditional practices suggest that Marsh Barbel could have benefits for respiratory health. Its potential to promote clear airways might contribute to easier breathing.

Marsh Barbel Leaves Powder opens the door to a world of potential wellness benefits. Tap into the wisdom of herbal traditions and embark on a journey to enhance your vitality, comfort, and overall health with the power of Marsh Barbel.

For General Use

5 Grams of Marsh Barbel Leaves / Neermulli Ilai Powder can be mixed with water and then boil for few minutes. After water gets warm filter and drink it.


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