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Shatavari / Thaneervittan Kilangu / Challagadda / Satamuli / Sipariberuballi Powder

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Shatavari / Thaneervittan Kilangu / Challagadda Powder

Shatavari / Thaneervittan Kilangu / Challagadda / Satamuli / Sipariberuballi Powder

Known As

Hindi  - Shatamuli, Shatavari,Satawar, Bojhidan   Tamil  -  Thaneervittan Kilangu Powder  Telugu -  Challagadda , Pilla Pitsara, Abiruvu     Kannada -  Sipariberuballi, Aheruballi

Sanskrit - Satamuli   Common English Names  - Shatavari Powder    Botanical Name  - Asparagus Racemosus  


This package has 100% pure and organic Shatavari / Thaneervittan Kilangu Powder with out any chemicals or preservatives.



About Shatavari / Thaneervittan Kilangu :

Asparagus racemosus (satavar, shatavari, or shatamull, shatawari) is a species of asparagus common throughout India and the Himalayas. It grows 1–2 m (3 ft 3 in–6 ft 7 in) tall and prefers to take root in gravelly, rocky soils high up in piedmont plains, at 1,300–1,400 m (4,300–4,600 ft) elevation.It was botanically described in 1799. Because of its multiple uses, the demand for Asparagus racemosus is constantly on the rise. Because of destructive harvesting, combined with habitat destruction, and deforestation, the plant is now considered "endangered" in its natural habitat. Shatavari / Thaneervittan Kilangu has small pine-needle-like phylloclades (photosynthetic branches) that are uniform and shiny green. In July, it produces minute, white flowers on short, spiky stems, and in September it fruits, producing blackish-purple, globular berries. It has an adventitious root system with tuberous roots that measure about one metre in length, tapering at both ends, with roughly a hundred on each plant.  Shatavari / Thaneervittan Kilangu is important in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. Extracts made from dried roots are used for various reproductive and hormonal issues in women. It is also used in cases of gastric ulcers and indigestion.Despite its long history of use in Ayurveda, few studies exist to support health effects of shatavari.Studies of its effects on lactation have shown mixed results.Its safety has not been well studied, however small trials have found no adverse effects in mothers or their babies.The key pharmacologic constituents of shatavari are steroidal saponins, mucilage, and alkaloids.

Shatavari / Thaneervittan Kilangu is an ancient Ayurvedic herb popular for its multiple health benefits. It helps improve stamina and energy and endurance levels particularly in women. Shatavari / Thaneervittan Kilangu has also been known to promote healthy levels of breast milk production. Its natural antioxidant properties help boost immunity, boost energy levels and reduce fatigue. Shatavari / Thaneervittan Kilangu , also known as satavari, satavar, or Asparagus racemosus (A. racemosus), is said to promote fertility and have a range of health benefits, particularly for the female reproductive system.The herb is thought to be adaptogenic, which means that it may help to regulate the body’s systems and improve resistance to stress.The uses, health benefits, and side effects of shatavari, and whether it is safe to take during pregnancy. Shatavari / Thaneervittan Kilangu is a popular supplement that people use to treat a wide range of symptoms. It can be taken orally as a tablet, a powder, or liquid essence.Recent studies suggest that the root could provide a number of health benefits. However, more studies are needed before this herb can be recommended to treat any specific condition, and it is not currently used in clinical medicine.

Shatavari / Thaneervittan Kilangu is perhaps the most important herb for women in the Ayurvedic herbal apothecary.It Use of this herb to support and tonify the female reproductive system. Shatavari has long been used to support women at the end of menses by encouraging circulation, as well as healthy nervous system and hormonal function. Shatavari/ Thaneervittan Kilangu is relied on heavily for all stages of a woman's reproductive cycle, beginning with the menarche (start of menses), supporting the female system through menses, ovulation and fertility, and the hot flashes, irritability, irregular memory and dryness during menopause.Shatavari / Thaneervittan Kilangu also builds, our core vitality and the essence of immunity, vitality, virility, and sleep.


Amazing Health Benefits of Shatavari /Thaneervittan  Kilangu Powder :


  • Healthy Female Reproductive System:

Shatavari / Thaneervittan Kilangu Powder contains natural phyto-oestrogen hormone precursors that help women in maintaining a healthy reproductive system. Shatavari / Thaneervittan Kilangu Powder benefits include strengthening the uterus and assisting in recovery from childbirth along with producing healthy levels of breast milk.


  • Cure Nervous Disorder:

In case of an imbalance, the Shatavari / Thaneervittan Kilangu Powder individual is prone to weight loss, constipation and digestive problems. Emotionally, this causes worry, anxiousness and stress. In serious imbalances, Shatavari / Thaneervittan Kilangu Powder is known to cause depression and nervous disorders.


  • Relieves Menopausal Symptoms:

Menopause is a natural process in women as they transit from the reproductive stage of life to the non-reproductive stage. A majority of women face problems like hot flashes, night sweats, palpitation, vaginal dryness and a decrease in the size of the uterus. Menopausal females have high levels of follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone as these hormones help to regulate ovarian cycles. One common practice to relieve the symptoms of menopause is hormone replacement therapy which has its own adverse side effects. Shatavari Powder / Thaneervittan Kilangu Powder , being a source of natural phytoestrogen (a chemical which mimics the natural hormones) can be effective in reducing menopausal symptoms. Shatavari / Thaneervittan Kilangu Powder provides optimum energy and has a cooling effect which balances hot flashes, night sweats, memory loss and anxiety during menopause. It also supports already balanced hormones.


  • Treatment for Ulcers:

Ulcers are sores in your stomach, small intestine, or esophagus. They may be very painful. They can cause serious complications, such as bleeding or perforation. Shatavari / Thaneervittan Kilangu Powder was as effective at treating medication-induced gastric ulcers as ranitidine. Ranitidine is a drug commonly prescribed to treat ulcers. Shatavari / Thaneervittan Kilangu Powder was less effective against stress-induced ulcers.


  • Improves Vaginal health:

Shatavari / Thaneervittan Kilangu Powder is also known to eliminate Candida bacteria, that causes a vaginal infection when used consistently over a period of time and helps in treating Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.


  • Natural antioxidant properties:

Shatavari / Thaneervittan Kilangu Powder reduces the damage caused by free radicals and reduce the formation of ulcers that can be caused in the inner lining of the gastric region.


  • Soothing effect on the digestive tract:

Shatavari / Thaneervittan Kilangu Powder is an excellent herb for cleansing the gut and increasing the activity of digestive enzymes. It balances stomach acids and has healthy inflammatory response in intestine.


  • Supports the Immune System:

Shatavari / Thaneervittan Kilangu Powder enhances the body’s resistance during normal and immune-suppressed conditions which in turn helps to boost and recover the immune system.


  • Antioxidant:

A natural remedy to reduce the formation of ulcers in the upper abdominal area, Shatavari / Thaneervittan Kilangu Powder helps in reducing the damage caused by free radicals.


  • Anti-inflammatory:

Shatavari / Thaneervittan Kilangu Powder keeps the inflammatory ailments of digestive system at bay as it cleanses out the gut and balances the acids in stomach.


  • Diuretic:

Effective in removing excess fluid along with the unwanted and harmful toxins of the body, Shatavari / Thaneervittan Kilangu Powder also possesses diuretic properties.


  • Anti-aging:

A great remedy to make your skin look naturally young and beautiful, Shatavari / Thaneervittan Kilangu Powder possesses anti-aging properties that slow down the aging process.


  • Anti-depressant:

Shatavari / Thaneervittan Kilangu Powder is one of the best anti-depressant remedies available in the Ayurvedic Medicine Tradition. It helps calm the mind and soothe the nerves.


  • Treatment for Diarrhea:

Shatavari Powder / Thaneervittan Kilangu Powder is used as a folk remedy for diarrhea. Diarrhea may cause serious problems, such as dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. Shatavari helped stop castor oil–induced diarrhea in rats.


  • Increases Breast Milk Production:

Mother’s milk is the most important nutrient for the baby during the child’s first six months. Shatavari / Thaneervittan Kilangu Powder consists of lipids, proteins, enzymes, growth factors, vitamin A, C, B, lysozyme and antibodies and many other factors that build a strong and healthy human being. Exclusive breastfeeding for six months reduces the risk of diarrhea and respiratory tract infection, which are common with use of formula-fed products. Prolactin hormones directly promote milk production in lactating mothers.


  • Relieve Cough:

Shatavari / Thaneervittan Kilangu Powder is a natural cough remedy  evaluated its cough-relieving abilities in coughing mice. They found shatavari root extract stopped cough as well as the prescription cough medicine codeine phosphate.


How to use Shatavari /Thaneervittan  Kilangu Powder :


To regulate your menstrual cycle and balance hormonal imbalance

 In Ayurveda Shatavari / Thaneervittan Kilangu Powder is also recommended for increasing the quantity and quality of breast milk. Overall Shatavari has various beneficial effects on reproductive organs. It regulates menstrual cycle by balancing hormones like estrogen and progesterone. Generally recommended dose of Shatavari / Thaneervittan Kilangu Powder is 2-3 gms twice a day with milk.


For General use:

5 Grams of Shatavari / Thaneervittan Kilangu Powder can be mixed with hot water and drink it twice a day. 



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