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Horseshoe vitex / Nochi / Sindhuvara / Bile-nekki / Karinochi / Nirgundi / Sindhuvara Powder

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Nirgundi / Nochi / Sindhuvara / Bile-nekki Powder

Horseshoe Vitex / Nochi / Sindhuvara / Bile-nekki / Karinochi / Nirgundi / Sindhuvara Powder

Known As

 Hindi  -   Nirgundi, Sawbhal Tamil  - Nochi,  Vellai-nochchi Telugu  - Sindhuvara; Vavili, Tella-vavili  Kannada  - Bile-nekki Malayalam  - Vennocchi

Sanskrit - Nirgundi, Sindhuvara  Common English Names  - Five-leaved chaste tree Powder, Horseshoe vitex Powder  Botanical Name  - Vitex Negundo


This package has 100% pure and organic Horseshoe Vitex / Nochi Powder with out any chemicals or preservatives.


Horseshoe Vitex, scientifically known as Vitex horseshoe, is a remarkable botanical that has captivated herbal enthusiasts for its potential health benefits. Delve into the world of Horseshoe Vitex Powder, a concentrated form of this herb, and explore how it can contribute to your well-being.

Hormonal Balance

 Horseshoe Vitex is celebrated for its potential to support hormonal balance, especially in women. Regular use may help alleviate menstrual discomfort and promote overall hormonal harmony.

Reproductive Health

 This herb is believed to have positive effects on reproductive health. It could assist in regulating menstrual cycles and promoting fertility.

Mood and Relaxation

 Some traditional uses suggest that Horseshoe Vitex may contribute to emotional well-being by promoting a calm and balanced mood.

Skin Clarity

 The potential skin-clearing properties of Horseshoe Vitex are noteworthy. It might assist in promoting a healthy complexion and addressing minor skin issues.

Digestive Support

Horseshoe Vitex has been historically associated with digestive wellness. It may help ease occasional digestive discomfort and promote overall gut health.

Daily Ritual

 Add a pinch of Horseshoe Vitex Powder to your morning routine. Mix it with water, herbal tea, or a smoothie for a gentle start to your day.

Balancing Blend

 Create a balancing blend by combining Horseshoe Vitex Powder with other herbs that support hormonal harmony, such as red clover or black cohosh.

Holistic Wellness

Combine Horseshoe Vitex Powder with a balanced diet, regular exercise, and self-care practices for comprehensive wellness.

Embrace Natural Balance:

Horseshoe Vitex Powder offers you the opportunity to embrace the age-old wisdom of herbal wellness. Unlock the potential of this botanical treasure and nurture balance, vitality, and harmony in your life.

How to use Horseshoe Vitex / Nochi Powder 

For Adults add one tea spoon (5g) of Horseshoe Vitex / Nochi Powder ,  in a glass of warm water or boiling water, filter and drink. Can be used as a paste/ steam inhalation  as well as for external application or as powder / kashayam for internal. For better results, it has to consumed for 60 days.



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