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Piles Herbal Pack

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Piles Herbal Pack
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Piper Longum / Thippili Powder / Pippali / Pipara / Tippali Powder   + Rs.125.00
Inknut / Kadukkai Pinju / Karakkaya / Alalekaayi / Kadukka / Harad / Haritaki Powder   + Rs.899.00
Senna Leaves / Nilavarai / Sonamukhi / Sunamukhi / Senna / Nilavaka / Swarnapatri Powder   + Rs.60.00
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Indian Mallow / Thuthi Ilai / Duvvena Benda / Velluram / Tutti Gida / Atibala Powder   + Rs.65.00

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Piles Herbal Pack, Herbal remedies for piles, herbals to cure piles naturally
Piles Herbal Pack

In stock



    Piles Herbal Pack contains Indian Mallow PowderHarde Whole PowderSenna Leaves Powder, Piper Longum Powder to cure Piles Problem. These are herbal remedies for piles.



    This package has 100% pure and organic Piles Herbal Pack with out any chemicals or preservatives



    • Indian Mallow Powder / Thuthi ilai Powder  - 50 grams
    • Harde Whole Powder / Kadukkai Powder    - 50 grams
    • Senna Leaves Powder / Nilavarai Powder    - 50 grams
    • Piper Longum Powder / Thippili Powder      - 25 grams

    How to use Piles Herbal Pack :

    5 Grams of each powder can be mixed with hot water and drink after meals twice a day. 



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