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Black Musli / Nilapanai Kilangu Powder

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Weight#: 50 grams
Black Musli / Nilapanai Kilangu / Kali Musli Powder

Black Musli / Nilapanai Kilangu Powder

Known As

Hindi  - Kali Musli    Tamil  - Nilapanai Kilangu Powder  Telugu -  Nelamuli   Kannada - Nelatenga  Malayalam  - Nilappana 

Sanskrit -Kali Musli  Common English Names  - Black Musli Powder   Botanical Name  - Curculigo Orchioides 


This package has 100% pure and organic Black Musli / Nilapanai Kilangu Powder with out any chemicals or preservatives.


Black Musli, scientifically known as Curculigo orchioides, is a revered herb with a rich history in traditional medicine. Now, you can experience its transformative benefits in the form of Black Musli Powder – a natural powerhouse for holistic well-being.

Energy and Stamina Boost

 Black Musli Powder is celebrated for its potential to enhance energy levels and stamina. Incorporate it into your daily routine to revitalize your body and combat fatigue.

Enhanced Vitality

Experience a newfound sense of vitality as Black Musli Powder may contribute to overall wellness. Its adaptogenic properties could help your body adapt to stress and promote a balanced lifestyle.

Sexual Health

Black Musli has been traditionally associated with promoting sexual health . Discover its natural aphrodisiac qualities and support your intimate well-being.

Immune Support

 Rich in antioxidants and bioactive compounds, Black Musli Powder might offer immune-boosting benefits. Strengthen your body's defense mechanisms with this herbal treasure.

Bone Health

The herb's potential to support bone health is noteworthy. Regular use of Black Musli Powder may contribute to maintaining strong and healthy bones.

Morning Vitality Boost

 Start your day with a dose of energy and wellness. Mix Black Musli Powder with your favorite smoothie, yogurt, or beverage for a nourishing morning ritual.

Wellness Elixir

 Craft a potent wellness elixir by combining Black Musli Powder with warm milk, honey, and a dash of spices. Enjoy this soothing blend to invigorate your senses and nurture your body.

Elevate Your Wellness Journey

Black Musli Powder offers a doorway to harnessing the potential of ancient herbal wisdom. Embrace vitality, stamina, and balance with this natural remedy. Elevate your well-being and embark on a path to holistic health with Black Musli Powder.

For General use

5 Grams of Black Musli / Nilapanai Kilangu Powder can be mixed with hot water and drink it twice a day. 


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