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Hibiscus Flower Powder

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Weight#: 50 grams
Hibiscus Flower / Semparuthi Poo / Javapushpamu Powder

Hibiscus Powder

Known As

Hindi  - Gudhal, Gudhal Phool, Chemparutti-pova   Tamil  - Semparuthi Poo  Powder  Telugu - Javapushpamu   Kannada - Dasavala Hoovu  Malayalam  - Gurhal phool  Sanskrit - Japapushpa

Common English Names  - Hibiscus Flower Powder   Botanical Name  - Hibiscus Rosa-sinensis 




This package has 100% pure and organic Hibiscus Powder with out any chemicals or preservatives.



Hibiscus powder, hailing from the resplendent petals of the Hibiscus plant, is a captivating and versatile natural ingredient that holds a treasure trove of uses. Here's a glimpse into the possibilities of hibiscus powder:

The Blossoming Beauty of Hibiscus 

Introduce readers to the exquisite hibiscus flower and its vibrant colors, shapes, and cultural significance.Dive into the art of transforming these blossoms into a finely ground powder through meticulous drying and grinding.

Culinary Delights with a Floral Twist

Explore the culinary wonders of hibiscus powder, unveiling its potential in creating unique and visually stunning dishes.Share recipes for hibiscus-infused beverages, jams, jellies, dressings, and desserts that tantalize taste buds and bring a burst of color to the table.

Revitalizing Hair and Skin Rituals

Unveil the beauty benefits of hibiscus powder, from promoting hair growth and reducing hair fall to enhancing skin radiance and texture.Offer step-by-step guides to creating hibiscus-based hair masks, face packs, and scrubs for a natural and rejuvenating skincare routine.

A Heartfelt Wellness Journey

Delve into the potential health advantages of consuming hibiscus powder, such as its role in aiding digestion, managing blood pressure, and providing a boost of antioxidants.Share insights into the traditional uses of hibiscus as a herbal remedy for various ailments across different cultures.

Cultural Tapestry and Traditions

Discover the cultural tapestry woven around hibiscus flowers, including their significance in ceremonies, festivities, and rituals worldwide.Unearth anecdotes and stories that illustrate the deep-rooted connection between hibiscus and different cultures.

Artistic Expression through Natural Dyes

Unlock the world of natural dyes by showcasing how hibiscus powder can be used to infuse fabrics, fibers, and even paper with a touch of nature's vibrancy.Offer tutorials for creating DIY crafts using hibiscus dye, from tie-dye garments to handcrafted stationery.

Gardening Notes and Green Thumbs

Guide gardening enthusiasts on cultivating and nurturing hibiscus plants, offering tips on soil, watering, pruning, and more.Highlight how hibiscus powder can be employed as an eco-friendly fertilizer to enrich the soil and promote plant health.

Ethical Sourcing and Sustainability

Emphasize the importance of responsibly sourcing hibiscus powder to support environmental preservation and empower local communities.

Floral Elegance in Natural Cosmetics

Examine the incorporation of hibiscus powder into natural skincare and beauty products, such as soaps, bath bombs, and facial masks, for its nourishing and soothing attributes.

For General use

5 Grams of Hibiscus Powder can be mixed with hot water and drink it twice a day. 


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