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Moong Dal Powder

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Weight#: 500 grams
Green Gram / Pachai Payaru / Pesalu / Moong Dal Powder

Moong Dal Powder

Known As

Hindi  -   Moong, Green Moong Dal, Moong Dal  Tamil  -   Pachai Payaru Powder , Pasi Payaru Powder  Telugu  -  Pesalu, Pacha Pesalu Kannada - Hesaru Kaalu Gida, Pacche Hasiru  Malayalam  -  Cherupayar Sanskrit - Mudga

Common English Names  -   Mung Bean Powder , Green Gram Powder  Botanical Name  -   Vigna Radiata



This package has 100% pure and organic Green Gram / Pachai Payaru / Moong Dal Powder with out any chemicals or preservatives.



Green Gram, also known as Mung Bean or Vigna radiata, is a nutritional powerhouse with a history rooted in traditional cuisine and holistic health practices. Immerse yourself in the world of Green Gram Powder, a versatile and nutrient-rich form of this legume, and explore the myriad ways it can contribute to your well-being.

Protein-Packed Goodness

Moong Dal Powder is a rich source of plant-based protein, making it an excellent choice for those seeking to meet their protein needs while following a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

Digestive Support

 The dietary fiber content in Moong Dal Powder may aid in promoting a healthy digestive system. It can contribute to regular bowel movements and alleviate occasional digestive discomfort.

Blood Sugar Management

Moong Dal Powder has been associated with supporting healthy blood sugar levels. Regular consumption of Green Gram Powder might help stabilize blood glucose levels.

Nutrient Boost

 Loaded with essential vitamins and minerals,Moong Dal Powder provides a well-rounded nutritional profile that can contribute to overall health and vitality.

Weight Management

Green Gram's low-calorie and high-fiber content make it a valuable addition to a weight-conscious diet. It may help in controlling appetite and supporting weight management goals.

Morning Smoothie

Blend Moong Dal Powder into your morning smoothie for an extra boost of plant-based protein and nutrients to kickstart your day.

Cooking Essential

Utilize Moong Dal Powder in your culinary creations. Add it to soups, stews, curries, and even baked goods for a nutritional twist.

Face and Body Mask

 Create a natural face or body mask by mixing Moong Dal Powder with water or other natural ingredients. Its potential exfoliating and cleansing properties may promote healthy skin.


    Moong Dal Powder invites you to experience the wholesome benefits of nature's harvest. Elevate your well-being through nourishment, and embark on a journey to a healthier, more vibrant you.

For General use   

Mix 5 Grams of Moong Dal Powder can be mixed with hot water and drink it twice a day. 


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