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Manathakkali Powder

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Wonder Berry / Manathakkali / Kamanchi Chettu Powder

Manathakkali  Powder

Known As

Hindi  -  Makoy   Tamil  - Manathakkali Powder   Telugu  - Kamanchi Chettu    Kannada -  Kakkesappu  Malayalam  - Mulaku Thakkali Sanskrit - Kakamachi

 Common English Names  - Wonder Berry Powder    Botanical Name  - Hedychium Spicatum


This package has 100% pure and organic Manathakkali Powder with out any chemicals or preservatives.

Introducing our extraordinary Manathakkali Powder , a true marvel derived from the enchanting "Solanum nigrum" plant. This botanical gem holds within its finely ground particles a tapestry of flavors, colors, and potential health benefits waiting to be discovered.

Nature's Alchemy

 Our Manathakkali Powder is a result of careful alchemy between nature's gifts and modern craftsmanship. Sun-ripened berries are skillfully dried and transformed into a powder that encapsulates the essence of this remarkable plant.

Exotic Flavors

 Infuse your dishes with Manathakkali Powder to experience a symphony of flavors, ranging from sweet to slightly tangy, creating a harmonious balance on your palate.

Dazzling Drinks

Elevate your beverages, from smoothies to cocktails, with a dash of Manathakkali Powder , adding a burst of color and a hint of natural vibrancy.

Baking Marvels

 Incorporate Manathakkali Powder into your baking recipes, adding a delightful twist to muffins, pancakes, and desserts that will leave your guests marveling.

Antioxidant Rich

 Embrace the antioxidants found in Manathakkali Powder, which may help protect your body from oxidative stress and promote overall health.

Digestive Harmony

Manathakkali Powder is believed to have digestive-supporting qualities, potentially contributing to a comfortable and balanced digestive system.

Vitamins and Minerals

 Rich in vitamins and minerals, Manathakkali Powder offers a natural way to nourish your body and support your daily vitality.

Experience the Wonder

Manathakkali Powder is your gateway to experiencing the wonder of nature's bounty. It's not just an ingredient; it's an invitation to explore flavor, wellness, and the magic that only nature can provide.

 Unveil the treasures of Manathakkali Powder – a culinary delight and potential wellness enhancer. Elevate your dishes, nurture your well-being, and embark on a journey of flavors and vitality that only nature's palette can offer. Immerse yourself in the wonders of wonder berry and let its enchanting touch inspire your culinary creations and well-being journey.

How to use Wonder Berry / Manathakkali Powder 

3-5 Grams of Manathakkali Powder is given with buttermilk or hot water to treat ulcer.


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