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Khas Khas Root / Vetiver / Avurugaddivaeru / Usheera / Verran Mool / Ramacham / Laghubhaya Powder

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Khas Khas Root / Vetiver / Avurugaddivaeru Powder

Khas Khas Root / Vetiver / Avurugaddivaeru / Usheera / Verran Mool / Ramacham / Laghubhaya Powder

Known As 

Hindi  - Khas, Verran Mool Tamil  - Vetiver Powder  Telugu  - Avurugaddivaeru, Vatti Vellu, Kuruveru  Kannada  - Lavancha  Malayalam  - Ramacham Sanskrit - Abhaya,Laghubhaya,Usheera

Common English Names  - Khas Khas Root Powder  Botanical Name  - Vetiveria zizanioides


This package has 100% pure and organic Khas Khas Root / Vetiver Powder with out any chemicals or preservatives.




About Khas Khas Root / Vetiver : 

Chrysopogon zizanioides, commonly known as Khas Khas Root / Vetiver is a perennial bunch grass of the family Poaceae, native to India. Khas Khas Root (Vetiver) is most closely related to Sorghum but shares many morphological characteristics with other fragrant grasses, such as lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus), citronella (Cymbopogon nardus, C. winterianus), and palmarosa (Cymbopogon martinii). The vetiver bunch grass has a gregarious habit and grows in tufts. Shoots growing from the underground crown make the plant frost and wildfire resistant, and allow it to survive heavy grazing pressure. The leaves can become up to 300 centimetres (10 ft) long and 8 millimetres (0.3 in) wide.The panicles are 15 centimetres (6 in) to 30 centimetres (12 in) long and have whorled, 25 millimetres (1 in) to 50 millimetres (2 in) long branches.The plant stems are erect and stiff. They can survive deep water flow. Under clear water, the plant can survive up to two months. The root system of vetiver is finely structured and very strong. It can grow 3 metres (10 ft) to 4 metres (13 ft) deep within the first year. Khas Khas Root (Vetiver) has neither stolons nor rhizomes. Because of all these characteristics, the vetiver plant is highly drought-tolerant and can help to protect soil against sheet erosion. In case of sediment deposition, new roots can grow out of buried nodes. The most commonly used commercial genotypes of vetiver are sterile (do not produce fertile seeds), and because vetiver propagates itself by small offsets instead of underground stolons, these genotypes are noninvasive and can easily be controlled by cultivation of the soil at the boundary of the hedge. However, care must be taken, because fertile genotypes of vetiver have become invasive.

Khas Khas Root / Vetiver is grown for many purposes. The plant helps to stabilise soil and protects it against erosion, but it can also protect fields against pests and weeds. Khas Khas Root / Vetiver has favourable qualities for animal feed. From the roots, oil is extracted and used for cosmetics, aromatherapy, herbal skincare and ayurvedic soap. Due to its fibrous properties, the plant can also be used for handicrafts, ropes and more. Khas Khas Root (Vetiver) has been used to produce perfumes, creams and soaps. It is used for its antiseptic properties to treat acne and sores. Khas Khas Root (Vetiver) is also used as a flavoring agent, usually as khus syrup. Khus syrup is made by adding khus essence to sugar, water and citric acid syrup. Khus essence is a dark green thick syrup made from the roots. It has a woody taste and a scent characteristic of khus. The syrup is used to flavor milkshakes and yogurt drinks like lassi, but can be used in ice creams, mixed beverages such as Shirley Temples and as a dessert topping. Khus syrup does not need to be refrigerated, although khus flavored products may need to be.Khas Khas Root / Vetiver extracts can repel termites. However, vetiver Root alone, unlike its extracts, cannot be used to repel termites. Unless the roots are damaged, the anti-termite chemicals, such as nootkatone, are not released.


Amazing Health Benefits of Khas Khas Root / Vetiver Powder :


  • Good for the nervous system:

Khas Khas Root / Vetiver Powder has properties that soothe your nervous system. The aroma in vetiver helps to reduce stress and calms the mind. The flavor has a calming effect. It also helps to reduce anger , restlessness, hypertension and symptoms of hysteria . vetiver can be a natural remedy to treat Parkinson’s disease. It helps you improve the health of your nervous system .


  • Cools down the body:

There is nothing more effective than vetiver water during summer. Though there are many natural coolants like tender coconut water, Khas Khas Root / Vetiver Powder has many medicinal benefits that be obtained. During summer, after spending some time outdoors, a glass of Khas Khas Root / Vetiver Powder instantly cool your body and refresh your mind. Vetiver acts like a tonic and rejuvenates the mind and body. 


  • Helps to fight insomnia:

Insomnia or sleeplessness is a problem that many adults suffer due to restlessness, stress, hypertension. Drinking Khas Khas Root / Vetiver Powder instead of your regular drinking water through the day helps to slowly get rid of this problem. Regularly consumeKhas Khas Root / Vetiver Powder  for at least two weeks and you can see the impact in your day to day health and overnight sleep pattern. This is safe for consumption for everyone including children.


  • Reduces joint pains and arthritis:

Khas Khas Root / Vetiver Powder has anti-inflammatory properties. Regular consumption of this water can heal wounds and reduce pain, inflammation in joints which is severe in arthritis patients. Khas Khas Root / Vetiver Powder can provide you relief from this pain. It also stimulates the re-growth of tissues in wounded areas and helps to revive. 


  • Boosts immunity:

Khas Khas Root / Vetiver Powder have anti-oxidant properties. Thereby, it helps to fight against diseases and also boosts immunity. This water is totally harmless and can be given to children above the age of 2. It also helps you to eliminate free radicals .


  • Clearer skin:

The antiseptic properties present in Khas Khas Root / Vetiver Powder clears up skin by slowly reducing appearance of pimples and acne, it also stimulates growth of new cells and tissues . Khas Khas Root / Vetiver Powder detoxifies the body and keeps it cool. All these result in clearer skin.


  • Diuretic:

The diuretic nature of Khas Khas Root / Vetiver Powder helps you flush out more toxins from your body. It increases the amount of urine and excretes impurities effectively.


  • Reduces headache:

When you have unbearable headache , Khas Khas Root / Vetiver Powder water can you get rid of it. It reduces internal inflammation and calms the body.


  • Treats Jaundice:

When the water is consumed regularly, it can help you treat jaundice effectively. Khas Khas Root / Vetiver Powder improves the function of the liver effectively which is the reason for bilirubin in the body. Jaundice when not treated at the right time, it can lead to non-reversible fatal conditions.


How to use Khas Khas Root / Vetiver Powder :


Diy Bath Powder Using Vetiver:

Mix together 2 tablespoons Khas Khas Root / Vetiver Powder, 1 tablespoon Chickpea flour and 3 tablespoons yoghurt.


Diy Vetiver Face Mask:

Mix together 1/2 tablespoon Khas Khas Root / Vetiver Powder  and 1/2 tablespoon Organic Rose Water.


Treats abscess:

 Take a cup of water and add one teaspoon of Khas Khas Root /Vetiver Powder to it. Boil well. Add the boiled extract water to warm milk and consume it. Drink it at-least for a period of one month for effective results.


For General use:

5 Grams of Khas Khas Root / Vetiver Powder can be mixed with hot water and drink it twice a day. 



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