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Sweet Flag / Vasambu / Vach / Baje Gida / Vayambu / Bhutanashini Powder

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Sweet Flag / Vasambu / Vach / Baje Gida / Vayambu Powder

Sweet Flag / Vasambu / Vach / Baje Gida / Vayambu / Bhutanashini Powder

Known As

Hindi  - Ghorbach, Safed bach  Tamil  - Vasambu Powder  Telugu  - Vadaja   Kannada - Baje Gida, Athibaje   Malayalam  - Vayambu,Vayampu   Sanskrit - Vacha, Vach, Bhutanashini

 Common English Names  - Sweet Flag Powder    Botanical Name  -  Acorus Calamus


Organic - Drumstick Seed Powder(Murungai vithai Powder)

This package has 100% pure and organic Sweet Flag / Vasambu Powder with out any chemicals or preservatives.



About Sweet Flag / Vasambu :

Acorus calamus (also called Sweet Flag / Vasambu or calamus, among many common names) is a species of flowering plant, a tall wetland monocot of the family Acoraceae, in the genus Acorus. Although used in traditional medicine over centuries to treat digestive disorders and pain, there is no clinical evidence for its safety or efficacy – and ingested calamus may be toxic – leading to its commercial ban in the United States. Sweet Flag / Vasambu is a herbaceous perennial, 2 m (79 in) tall.It resembles the iris, giving the name flag iris, I. pseudacorus. It consists of tufts of basal leaves that rise from a spreading rhizome.The leaves are erect yellowish-brown, radical, with pink sheathing at their bases, sword-shaped, flat and narrow, tapering into a long, acute point, and have parallel veins. The leaves have smooth edges, which can be wavy or crimped. The Sweet Flag / Vasambu can easily be distinguished from iris and other similar plants by the crimped edges of the leaves, the fragrant odor it emits when crushed, and the presence of a spadix. Only plants that grow in water bear flowers. The solid, triangular flower-stems rise from the axils of the outer leaves. A semi-erect spadix emerges from one side of the flower stem. The spadix is solid, cylindrical, tapers at each end, and is 5 to 10 cm in length. A covering spathe, as is usual with Acoraceae, is absent. The spadix is densely crowded with tiny greenish-yellow flowers. Each flower contains six petals and stamens enclosed in a perianth with six divisions, surrounding a three-celled, oblong ovary with a sessile stigma.

The flowers are sweetly fragrant. In Europe, it flowers for about a month in late spring or early summer, but usually does not bear fruit. The fruit is a berry filled with mucus, which when ripe falls into the water and thus disperses. Even in Asia, it fruits sparingly, and propagates itself mainly by growth of its rhizome, forming colonies.The branched, cylindrical, knobby rhizome is the thickness of a human finger and has numerous coarse fibrous roots below it. The exterior is brown and the interior white.A. calamus has been an item of trade in many cultures for centuries. It has been used medicinally for a wide variety of ailments, such as gastrointestinal diseases and treating pain, and its aroma makes calamus essential oil valued in the perfume industry.The essence from the rhizome is used as a flavor for foods, alcoholic beverages, and bitters in Europe. It was also once used to make candy.Sweet Flag / Vasambu has a very long history of medicinal use in Chinese and Indian herbal traditions. The leaves, stems, and roots are used in various Siddha and Ayurvedic medicinesand by the Sikkim of Northeastern India.Sweet Flag / Vasambu is one of the most widely and frequently used herbal medicines among the Chipewyan people. This plant is sometimes used as a pond plant in horticulture. 


Amazing Health Benefits of Sweet Flag / Vasambu Powder :


  • Maintians Healthy Stomach :

Sweet Flag / Vasambu Powder has quite a few health benefits. It is an excellent anti-flatulent and works well to heal indigestion in infants. Sweet Flag / Vasambu Powder could be mixed with milk to feed the babies. Also teething bracelets can be made which the children could bite and suck on. This shall pacify them and also help you by providing the beneficial anti-bacterial and anti-flatulent properties to the baby. It is the best way to prevent stomach disorders and colitis. Sweet Flag / Vasambu Powder is very good for many stomach related ailments like indigestion, bloating, flatulence, loose motion, acid gastritis.Sweet Flag / Vasambu Powder helps to remove gas, stomach discomfort and cold from infants and babies.


  • Prevents Hair Lice :

Sweet Flag / Vasambu Powder is a natural insecticide and this property makes it effective in killing lice. It is safe for external application and gentle on the skin, hence applying it on the scalp does not cause any harm. It is the best natural ingredient to get rid of lice. It does not have side effects making it a suitable option for you.Sweet Flag / Vasambu Powder is a very good natural herb for dandruff and lice problem.


  • Good for throat conditions and speech :

Sweet Flag / Vasambu Powder works very well to sooth a bad cold. It treats cough and sore throat. Sucking on a small piece of Sweet Flag / Vasambu Powder provides relief from these conditions. Children who have speech delay can also benefit from this wonder herb as it helps them to speak and communicate from the proper age.


  • Fights Depression, Epilepsy and Boosting Memory :

Sweet Flag / Vasambu Powder is known to calm nerves and helps improve a person’s memory. Being similar to a nerve tonic it helps a person to relax and rid one’s self off stress and depression. Pounded Sweet Flag (Vasambu) Powder soaked in boiling hot water has also been seen to help people who suffer from epilepsy and hence can be used as a support system for such conditions.


  • Prevents Skin infection, Inflammation and Pain :

Sweet Flag / Vasambu Powder helps prevent skin infections.Paste of sweet flag can be applied externally in cases of skin disorders like eczema, ringworm and scabies. In Siddha system, it is used as disinfectant for vaginal infection and fetid discharges, mainly after delivery of child. It is also effective in treating arthritic or rheumatic pain and swelling. These conditions can get very severe and cause immobility and change lifestyle. This calls for every measure that can be taken to prevent and improve such agonising condition. SSweet Flag / Vasambu Powder also helps in calming the mind and cure headaches when inhaled.


  • Helps Childbirth :

Sweet Flag / Vasambu Powder induces strong uterine contractions and hence helps in difficult or delayed child birth. Often child birth becomes critical as the mother gets exhausted or does not go into labour. Sweet Flag / Vasambu Powder helps in such situations and the mother can easily birth the child. This herb is also effective in treating dysmenorrhea.


  • Asthma :

Sweet Flag / Vasambu Powder is effective against asthma and chronic bronchitis. It is suggested to take two glasses of calamus tea, which leads to vomiting. The herb is a broncho-dilator and acts as a chest decongestant. This formulation clears the passage by expelling out impurities from the stomach and lungs and with the result, the patients feel comfortable and easy.


  • Helps in increasing appetite :

Sweet Flag / Vasambu Powder also has helps in increasing the appetite of the stomach and also helps in lowering acidity problems of the stomach.


  • Treat Insomnia :

Sweet Flag / Vasambu Powder is able to give a calming sensation can be useful to treat insomnia. This sedative effect may help to relax your body and your mind which also connects to your sleep quality.


  • Cure Constipation :

Sweet Flag / Vasambu Powder preparations is made from the rhizome are used to promote urinary flow, relieve constipation, and cleanse impurities from the body.


  • Impotency :

Sweet Flag / Vasambu Powder to enhance your sex life, take the equal proportions of Sweet Flag / VasambuPowder, Indian Ginseng , Piper Longum, Indian Costus Root and Jimsonweed .


How to use Sweet Flag / Vasambu Powder :


For Cold and Cough :

1/4 tsp of Sweet Flag / Vasambu Powder mix it with honey can be taken internally daily to get rid of cough and common cold.


For Bed bug and insects :

You can sprinkle Sweet Flag / Vasambu Powder under the bed and corners of cupboards. If you have kids in your home, better to tie it in a cloth tightly and place it. It should not be reachable to children and take care that they do not consume it.


For dandruff lice and hair growth :

Add Sweet Flag / Vasambu Powder with your shikakai powder and apply it on your hair. You can also add neem powder.


For Impotency :

Take 1 Gram of SSweet Flag / Vasambu Powder and mix with 10 gm. of cow’s ghee and rub gently on the male genital organ daily. Continue for 21 to 41 days.


For General use :

5 Grams of Sweet Flag / Vasambu Powder can be mixed with hot water and drink it twice a day. 


Disclaimer :

 To know about medical disclaimer Click here

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