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Dwarf Copper Leaf / Ponnanganni Powder

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Weight#: 50 grams
Dwarf Copper Leaf / Ponnanganni / Kozuppa Powder

Dwarf Copper Leaf Powder

Known As

Hindi  - Gudari Sag  Tamil  -  Ponnanganni Keerai Powder   Telugu  - Ponnaganti Koora  Malayalam  - Kozuppa, Ponnankanni

Common English Names  -  Dwarf Copper Leaf Powder   Botanical Name  - Alternanthera Sessilis


This package has 100% pure and organic Dwarf Copper Leaf / Ponnanganni Powder with out any chemicals or preservatives.


Introducing our exquisite dwarf copper leaf powder, crafted from the delicate leaves of the "Acalypha wilkesiana" plant. This botanical treasure captures the captivating hues and intricate patterns that nature weaves, bringing a touch of elegance and vitality to your world.

Crafted with Care

 Our dwarf copper leaf powder is meticulously created to encapsulate the essence of nature's artistry. The leaves are carefully dried and finely ground, preserving their vibrant colors and unique characteristics.

Gourmet Garnish

 Elevate your dishes with a sprinkle of dwarf copper leaf powder, adding a visual masterpiece and a hint of earthy flavor.

Baking Brilliance

 Infuse your baked goods with a touch of elegance by incorporating dwarf copper leaf powder, transforming ordinary treats into edible works of art.

Beverage Elegance

 Create visually stunning and flavorful beverages by dusting dwarf copper leaf powder over cocktails, mocktails, and herbal teas.

Antioxidant Rich

 Embrace the antioxidants found in dwarf copper leaf, potentially supporting a radiant complexion and overall skin health.

Mindful Relaxation

Experience the soothing qualities of dwarf copper leaf, contributing to a sense of tranquility and mindfulness.

Vitamin Infusion

 Rich in vitamins and minerals, dwarf copper leaf powder offers a natural way to support your body's nourishment and vitality.

A Flourish of Elegance

 Dwarf copper leaf powder is your passport to adding a flourish of elegance to your culinary creations and daily routine. It's more than an ingredient; it's an invitation to savor the delicate beauty and potential benefits that nature has to offer.

                  Unlock the artistry of dwarf copper leaf powder – a culinary delight and potential wellness enhancer. Elevate your dishes, nurture your well-being, and embark on a journey of flavors and beauty that only nature's palette can provide. Embrace the elegance of dwarf copper leaf powder and let its gentle touch adorn your life.

For General Use

Take 1-2 teaspoon of Dwarf Copper Leaf / Ponnanganni Powder with milk and drink daily before break fast and dinner.


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