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Ayurveda for COVID patients

Ayurveda for COVID patients

Ayurveda shows positive results: Dr. Giridhar Kaje



Scientists around the globe are immersed in finding a cure for the dreaded coronavirus(COVID-19). However, the clinical trial taking place in Bengaluru has shown that this pandemic can be cured through ancient Indian Ayurveda medical therapy.


Indian achievement of overcoming coronavirus is a significant accomplishment this is. The clinical trial, which took place at Victoria hospital in the city on 10 patients infected with COVID-19 according to government guidelines, has found great success. All 10 patients have recovered and are pessimistic in their study.



As a large number of patients are admitted to the Victoria Hospital, In Karnataka, the clinical trial of Ayurveda medicines for the Covid-19 cure in Bengaluru was performed by well-knownAyurveda doctor from the city Dr. Giridhar Kaje MD and Chief Physician, Prashanthi Ayurveda Centre, Rajajinagar, initiated the Ayurveda treatment. The trial, approved by Bengaluru Medical College's Ethics Committee with approval from India's Clinical Trials Registry, was performed on 10 COVID-positive patients at Victoria COVID hospital.


Dr. Giridhar Kaje said the Ayurveda tablet clinical trial on 10 corona-positive patients in Victoria COVID-19 Hospital has proved effective. Talking to AIR today he said that in nine days the patients had been healed of COVID virus and had tested the virus' negative.


The clinical trial was performed from 7 June to 25 June and the patients who underwent this experiment included people in the age group of 23 to 65 years. All had the symptoms of an infection with COVID-19. In just nine days, all have been healed. In addition, clinical trials have also been conducted on patients with kidney, heart, and lung-related ailments, and these are also effective, and the patients have been healed.


Two Ayurvedaic drugs clinical trials (Nut Grass Powder / KoraiKilangu Powder / TungaMustalu / Nagarmotha / KuzhiMuthanga / BhadraMushti / Mustaka)  and (Country Gooseberry Powder / Keezhanelli Powder / NelaUsiri / NelaNelli / BhuiAmla / Kirganelia / Bhumyamalaki ) for the Covid-19 treatment.


An Ayurvedic practitioner and researcher claimed promising results in Bengaluru. Patients with 'Bhoumya' and 'Saathmya' recovered faster, with symptoms diminishing within 2-4 days. Within 10 days they have all tested negative.


The government of the state, which found the successful campaign under the leadership of renowned Ayurveda doctor Dr. Giridhar Kaje, agreed to take this to the next level.


Although Dr. Giridhar Kaje 's team had asked the government to conduct the clinical trial as soon as the pandemic began, the government had not given the green signal.


Finally, Dr. Giridhar Kaje was given permission by the government, which bowed to the public pressure. On May 16, the Bengaluru Medical College Ethics Committee gave permission to the clinical trial, which was recorded under CMR control in India's Clinical Trial Registry.


The two tablets called Bowmya and Sathmya, invented by Dr. Giridhar Kaje, have done wonders in patients infected with the coronavirus pandemic. The specialty is that for the care only Rs 60 to 180 is paid to each patient.