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Vatha Sura Kudineer

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Vadha Sura Kudineer / Vatha Sura Kudineer

Vatha Sura Kudineer

Known as:

Vatha Sura Kudineer is a classical Siddha medicine in powder form. It is used for the management of many types of fevers and flu with respiratory complications. It is best used to treat vatha disorders. Vatha Sura Kudineer is a combination of  different herbs in the powder form,Ingredients of Vatha Sura Kudineer (Perukanchoori Ver, Thippili mulam, Chithira mulam, Chankam Ver, Vellarugu Camulam, Nilavembu Camulam, Murukkan Vittu, Kalarchi Ver, Kandankathiri Camulam, Peramutti Ver, Chitharathai, Mavilanga Pattai, Perarattai, Sathakuppai, SiruKanchoori Ver, Vishnukiranthai, Seviyam, Kostam, Chukku) 

Nilavembu Kudineer

This package has 100% pure and organic Vatha Sura Kudineer with out any chemicals or preservatives.




Amazing Health Benefits of Vatha Sura Kudineer :

  • Vali suram (fever due to vatha disorder)
  • Natukka suram [fever with rigor].

How to use Vatha Sura Kudineer :

Take 5 g of the Vatha Sura Kudineer Chooranam mix it with 300 ml of water, boil &  reduce to 30 ml. and give it by addition with honey twice daily, or as directed by the physician.



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