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Amaranth Spinach Seed Balls

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Amaranth Spinach Seed Balls

Amarnath, also known as Amaranth, is a highly nutritious and versatile leafy green that can be easily grown from seed balls. Here's some content to guide you through the process:

Title: Cultivating Vitality: Amaranth Spinach Seed Ball Planting Guide

Embark on a journey to vibrant health and culinary delight by cultivating Amaranth spinach from seed balls. This nutrient-rich leafy green offers a multitude of health benefits and culinary possibilities. Our comprehensive guide will lead you through the art of crafting and planting Amaranth spinach seed balls, allowing you to enjoy its vibrant growth and enrich your meals with its nourishing leaves.

Materials Needed

  • Amaranth spinach (Amaranthus spp.) seeds
  • Well-draining potting mix
  • Compost or organic matter
  • Water
  • Bowl or bucket
  • Large container for mixing
  • Natural dye (optional, for coloring the seed balls)
  • Large plastic sheet or tarp


Gather Seeds

Collect mature Amaranth spinach seeds from healthy plants. Look for seed heads that have dried and turned brown. Gently rub the seed heads to release the seeds and gather them in a container.

Prepare Soil Mixture

Blend well-draining potting mix with compost or organic matter in a large container. This mixture provides essential nutrients and structure for your Amaranth spinach seedlings. Optionally, add a natural dye to the mixture to add a touch of vibrancy to the seed balls.

 Add Seeds

Evenly distribute the Amaranth spinach seeds into the soil mixture, ensuring they are well-mixed for consistent growth.

 Form Seed Balls

Gradually add water to the soil mixture while stirring, aiming for a texture similar to moistened cookie dough. This moisture helps the mixture adhere to the seeds. Take small portions of the mixture, press multiple seeds into the center, and shape the mixture into firm seed balls around 1 inch in diameter. Allow the seed balls to dry and firm up on a plastic sheet or tarp for a day or two.


Select a sunny location in your garden for planting the Amaranth spinach seed balls. Clear the area of debris and weeds, then dig small holes in the soil at a depth similar to the seed balls. Place one seed ball into each hole and cover it with soil, gently pressing the soil down to secure the seed ball.

 Watering and Care

Maintain consistent moisture for the planted seed balls by watering them regularly. Avoid overwatering, ensuring the soil remains evenly moist. Be patient, as germination typically occurs within a couple of weeks. Once the seedlings emerge, thin them out if needed, providing sufficient space for healthy growth.

Harvest and Enjoy

With dedicated care, your Amaranth spinach seed balls will grow into lush plants, yielding nutritious leaves for your meals. As the leaves mature, harvest them by gently plucking the outer leaves, allowing the inner ones to continue growing.

Cultivating Amaranth spinach from seed balls is a journey of health and flavor. This process introduces an abundance of nutrient-packed greens to your garden and kitchen. Get ready to enjoy the vibrant growth and nourishing benefits of Amaranth spinach as it graces your garden and enriches your meals.

Amaranth Spinach Seed Balls (25 seed Balls)

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