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Bael Leaves / Vilva Ilai / Bel Patra (Dried)

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Bael Leaves / Vilva Ilai / Bel Patra (Dried)

Indian Bael Leaves / Vilva Ilai / Maredu / Bel Patra / Kuvalam / Bilva / Belada Mara Powder

Known As

Hindi  - Bel Patra   Tamil  - Vilva Ilai Telugu  - Maredu Malayalam  - Kuvalam Kannada - Belada Mara, Bilva  Sanskrit -Belada Mara   

Common English Names  - Indian Bael Leaves  Botanical Name  - Aegle Marmelos, Indian Bael


Peepal Fruit (Arasam Pazham / Arasam Palam) Powder


This package has 100% pure and organic Indian Bael Leaves / Vilva Ilai / / Bel Patra with out any chemicals or preservatives.



About Indian Bael Leaves / Vilva Ilai / Bel Patra :

Aegle marmelos L., commonly known as Indian Bael Leaves / Vilva Ilai / Bel Patra or bili or bhel, also Bengal quince, golden apple, Japanese bitter orange, stone apple or wood apple, is a species of tree native to the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. Indian Bael Leaves / Vilva Ilai / Bel Patra is present in Sri Lanka, Tamilnadu, Thailand, and Malesia as a naturalized species.The tree is considered to be sacred by Hindus. Bel tree grew out of the sweat droplets of Goddess Parvati, which fell on the Mandrachal mountain. It is said that she resides in these trees in all her forms; in the leaves, flowers, fruit and roots. Due to this reason Lord Shiva is extremely fond of the bilwa tree and its leaves. According to Ayurveda too, Indian Bael Leaves / Vilva Ilai / Bel Patra is packed with many medicinal and healing properties. The leaves are antibacterial, anti fungal in nature. The trifoliate shape signifies the three components or 'gunas', namely the Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. And the center portion of the leaf is concentrated with the perfect balance of the three. So the next time you see the bel leaf in Puja offerings, you know it is there for a specific reason. Bael is a plant. The unripe fruit, root, leaf, and branch are used to make medicine.

Indian Bael Leaves / Vilva Ilai / Bel Patra is used for constipation, diarrhea, diabetes, and other conditions, but there is no good scientific evidence to support these uses.Bael contains chemicals called tannins, flavonoids, and coumarins. These chemicals help to reduce swelling (inflammation). This might help treat asthma, diarrhea, and other conditions. Also, some of these chemicals help to reduce blood sugar.

Indian Bael Leaves / Vilva Ilai / Bel / bilva tree(Aegle marmelos). It is widely used in worship of Hindu dieties, especially Shiva. Replete with several medicinal properties –Both bel fruit or bel leaves have been spoken about in great length in ancient Hindu scriptures. It is said that the one who offers a trifoliate bel patra to the Shivlinga with devotion, Lord Shiva blesses him/her with whatever he/she desires. Also when people offer the leaves to the God, they also take a part of it back with them, they do so because the leaf is said to be able to absorb Shiva’s energy. Hence the leaf becomes medium to go a step closer to Lord Shiva.


Amazing Health Benefits of Indian Bael Leaves / Vilva Ilai / Bel Patra :


  • Control Diabetes:

Indian Bael Leaves / Vilva Ilai / Bel Patra is a natural laxative that helps to control sugar levels in your body. It helps in stimulating the pancreas that further helps in the production of insulin in your system. You can have Bael juice in your breakfast or have it raw as a fruit before lunch.


  • Prevents Constipation:

Indian Bael Leaves / Vilva Ilai / Bel Patra reduces stomach ache and constipation when consumed regularly as a juice or as a fruit. It helps to remove the toxins from your body and helps clean your intestines. Add black pepper and salt to the juice and have them before going to bed or early in the morning to regulate your bowel movements.


  • Treats Heart Diseases:

Indian Bael Leaves / Vilva Ilai / Bel Patra is anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties keeps heart diseases from your body. It maintains a healthy heart by keeping your cholesterol levels down. It reduces glucose levels in your body by 54% and thus, it prevents cardiovascular diseases.


  • Treats Asthma:

Indian Bael Leaves / Vilva Ilai / Bel Patra provides resistance to cold. It prevents throat infections and respiratory diseases like Asthma or cold. You can have Bael fruit leaves and cook them at low steam in water for few minutes. Sieve the leaves and have the water to cure your respiratory problems.


  • Cures Ulcers:

Indian Bael Leaves / Vilva Ilai / Bel Patra consists of anti-oxidants that help in curing gastric ulcers, particularly, gastroduodenal ulcers. It controls the acidic levels in your stomach that prevent the occurrence of stomach ulcers. You can have bael fruit regularly before lunch to maintain the acid levels.


  • Controls Body Temperature:

Indian Bael Leaves / Vilva Ilai / Bel Patra is used as a coolant in summers for your body as it controls your body temperature. You can have it before lunch and dinner as it reduces heat and feelings of thirst from your system. Take Bael juice with honey to control acid imbalance and also, you can apply it on your tongue to cure mouth ulcers.


  • Cures Urticaria (Skin Rashes):

Indian Bael Leaves / Vilva Ilai / Bel Patra is a powerful remedy to cure skin rashes, itchy bumps and other skin irritation. You can mix Bael leaves juice and cumin seeds to make a drink. Also, you can add rest of the Bael juice as well to make this bitter juice a little tasty and have it the morning to cure all your skin problems.



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