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Chilly Seed Balls

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Chilly Seed Balls

Chilly Seed Balls

seed powder, also known as chili pepper seed powder, is a versatile and flavorful ingredient that can add a kick of heat to a variety of dishes. It's made by grinding dried chili pepper seeds into a fine powder. Here are some ways you can use chili seed powder:

Spice Up Dishes

Use chili seed powder to add heat and flavor to a wide range of dishes such as soups, stews, curries, sauces, and marinades.

Homemade Seasoning Blends

 Create your own custom seasoning blends by combining chili seed powder with other spices like cumin, coriander, garlic powder, onion powder, and more. This can be used as a rub for meats, sprinkled on vegetables, or even added to popcorn.

Hot Sauces

 If you enjoy making your own hot sauces, chili seed powder can be a key ingredient. Mix it with vinegar, salt, and other spices for a homemade hot sauce that suits your preferred level of heat.

Salsas and Dips

 Add a pinch of chili seed powder to your homemade salsas, guacamole, or yogurt-based dips to give them an extra kick.

Dry Rubs

 Create dry rubs for grilling or roasting by mixing chili seed powder with other dried herbs and spices. This works well on meats like chicken, pork, and beef.


 If you're into pickling vegetables, adding a touch of chili seed powder to the brine can infuse a subtle heat into your pickled goods.


 Combine chili seed powder with oil, vinegar, and other seasonings to make flavorful marinades for meats, tofu, or vegetables.

Baked Goods

 For those who enjoy a spicy twist on baked goods, you can experiment with adding a small amount of chili seed powder to muffin batters, cornbread, or even chocolate desserts for a unique flavor combination.

Infused Oils and Vinegars

 Create chili-infused oils or vinegars by adding chili seed powder to a bottle of olive oil or vinegar. This infused mixture can be drizzled over salads or used as a dipping sauce.

Spicy Snacks

Sprinkle a bit of chili seed powder onto roasted nuts, popcorn, or even homemade potato chips for a zesty and spicy snack.

Remember, chili seed powder can vary greatly in terms of heat level depending on the type of chili peppers used, so start with a small amount and adjust according to your taste preferences. Additionally, when handling chili seed powder, be cautious about touching your face or eyes, as the capsaicin in chili peppers can cause irritation. Wash your hands thoroughly after handling chili products.

Chilly Seed Balls (25 seed Balls)

  • Pack of 25 Seed Balls
  • Vegetable Seed Balls
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