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Fever Nut / Kalarchikai Powder

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Weight#: 50 grams
Fever Nut / Kalarchikai / Gachakaya / Kantkarej Powder
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Fever Nut / Kalarchikai Powder


Known As

Hindi  - Kantakareja, Kantkarej, Gajga, Katkaranj, Naktamala  Tamil  - Kalarchikai Powder, Kazhar Shikkay  Telugu -  Gachakaya, Gacha Kaya, Thellagachha, Gatsakai  Kannada - Gajjiga, Gajjuga, Gajaga-Kayi, Gajikekayi, Gajjege, Heggajjiga, Sanna Gajjuga  Malayalam  - Kazhanji, Kalanchik Karu, Kazhanchik Karu  

Sanskrit -  Putikaranja, Kantaki Karanj, Kuberaksha, Latakaranja, Putikaranja  Common English Names  - Bonduc Nut Powder, Fever Nut Powder  Botanical Name  - Caesalpinia Bonducella  



This package has 100% pure and organic Fever Nut / Kalarchikai Powder with out any chemicals or preservatives.




What is Kalarchikai Powder?

Kalarchikai, also known as Fever Nut or Gray Nicker, is a potent herbal remedy deeply rooted in traditional medicine. The powder is meticulously processed from the seeds of the Caesalpinia bonduc plant, revered for its therapeutic properties.


Uses and Benefits of Kalarchikai Powder

Natural Aid for Menstrual Health: Kalarchikai is renowned for its efficacy in addressing menstrual irregularities. Its natural compounds assist in regulating menstrual cycles, alleviating cramps, and promoting overall reproductive health.

Fertility Booster: For those aspiring to conceive, Kalarchikai powder is often recommended to enhance fertility and support reproductive wellness.

Weight Management: Incorporating Kalarchikai powder in your routine may aid in weight management by boosting metabolism and aiding digestion.

Anti-inflammatory Properties: Its anti-inflammatory nature makes it beneficial for alleviating joint pain and arthritis discomfort.

Antioxidant Rich: Loaded with antioxidants, Kalarchikai powder helps combat free radicals, thereby promoting overall well-being and skin health.


How to Use Kalarchikai Powder:

Dosage: Typically, a healthcare professional's guidance is advised for the correct dosage.

Consumption: It can be consumed with warm water or mixed into smoothies, but it's essential to follow recommended serving sizes.


Caution and Considerations:
While Kalarchikai powder offers numerous benefits, consulting a healthcare expert before use is recommended, especially for pregnant or nursing individuals and those with specific health conditions or medications.

Nature's bounty encapsulated in Kalarchikai powder provides a holistic approach to health and wellness. Embrace its potential, coupled with informed usage, to unlock its myriad benefits and embark on a journey towards better health.


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