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Arappu Powder

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Weight#: 500 grams
Arappu / Krishna Siris Powder

 Arappu / Krishna Siris / Nallarenga / Bilkambi / Chalavagai / Oil Cake Tree

/ Lalisurangi Powder

Known As

Hindi  - Krishna Siris, Irula Vanni, Banni Maram  Tamil  -  Arappu Powder Telugu  -  Nallarenga, Nalla Regi  Kannada  - Bilkambi, Beelkambi, Belkhaambi   Malayalam  - Chalavagai, Cholaivagai  Marati  - Lalisurangi   Common English Names  -   Oil Cake Tree Powder   Botanical Name  - Albizia amara (ROXB.) BOIVIN


This package has 100% pure and organic Oil Cake Tree / Arappu Powder with out any chemicals or preservatives.

Arappu powder


Amazing Health Benefits of Oil Cake Tree / Arappu Powder:

  • Use Arappu Powder to get Shiny & Soft Hair.
  • Arappu Powder will be a good cooling agent for your body.
  • Arappu Powder prevents Dandruff.


How to use Oil Cake Tree / Arappu Powder :

Mix the water and powder until it forms a runny mixture. This runny mixture is your Oil Cake Tree / Arappu Powder hair wash. Adjust the hair wash as needed to make it runny. Creating the right consistency is important to make the mixture easier to work through your hair. Leave the hair wash out overnight at room temperature. The following morning, apply the mixture to the hair and work the mixture through the scalp and hair with your fingers. Leave the mixture in hair for 15 minutes. Then work the mixture into the scalp again before rinsing the mixture with water. Use coconut oil to remove any of the paste that remains.



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