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Mango Leaves / Maavilai Powder

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Weight#: 100 grams
Mango Leaves / Maavilai / Mamidi Aku Powder

Mango Leaves / Maavilai  Powder

Known As

Hindi  - Aam Ke Ped  Tamil  - Maavilai Powder, Maa Ilai Powder   Telugu - Mamidi  Aku  Kannada - Mavina Mara  Malayalam  - Mangga ila 

Common English Names  - Mango Leaves Powder  Botanical Name  - Mangifera Indica


This package has 100% pure and organic Mango Leaves / Maavilai Powder with out any chemicals or preservatives.

Embark on a journey to holistic well-being with Mango Leaves Powder – a hidden treasure from the lush mango tree (Mangifera indica). Packed with an array of bioactive compounds, this powdered marvel offers a multitude of potential health benefits. Discover the wonders of Mango Leaves Powder and how it can be an integral part of your wellness routine.

Blood Sugar Support

 Mango Leaves Powder has been traditionally valued for its potential to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Its bioactive components may contribute to improved glucose metabolism.

Digestive Harmony

 Experience the soothing effects of Mango Leaves Powder on your digestive system. It could aid in relieving discomfort and promoting a balanced digestive process.

Antioxidant Powerhouse

 Rich in antioxidants, Mango Leaves Powder offers defense against oxidative stress, which is linked to various health issues. Incorporating it into your routine may contribute to overall wellness.

Immune Boost

 Support your immune system with the natural goodness of Mango Leaves Powder. The vitamins and compounds it contains could help fortify your body's defenses.

Herbal Infusions

 Brew a cup of nourishing tea by steeping Mango Leaves Powder in hot water. Enjoy the mild, earthy flavor while reaping its potential benefits.

Smoothie Vitality

Enhance your daily smoothies with a teaspoon of Mango Leaves Powder. Elevate your favorite beverages with a dash of natural wellness.

Culinary Creations

 Experiment with Mango Leaves Powder in your culinary endeavors. Add it to soups, stews, or sauces for a unique twist and potential health boost.

             Unlock the potential of Mango Leaves Powder and embrace a path to well-being rooted in nature. Whether you seek to support your blood sugar levels, promote digestive health, or fortify your immune system, this botanical wonder offers a gateway to a healthier, more vibrant life. Make Mango Leaves Powder an integral part of your wellness journey and experience the transformation firsthand.

For General Use

Take 5 Grams of Mango Leaves / Maavilai Powder, boil in 100 ml water for few minutes. Can drink this twice a day.


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