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White Gulmohar Powder

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Weight#: 50 grams
White Gulmohar Powder / Vadha Narayana Powder / Samrsro

White Gulmohar Powder 

Known As

Hindi  -   Waykaran, Samrsro, Sanesro, Sandeshra  Tamil  -  Vadhanarayana Powder, Perungondrai Powder  Telugu  -  Chinna Seribiseri, Chitti Keshwaramu

Common English Names  -   White Gulmohar Powder   Botanical Name  -   Delonix Elata


White Gulmohar (Vadhanarayanan) Powder

This package has 100% pure and organic White Gulmohar / Vadha  Narayana Powder with out any chemicals or preservatives.




For General Use

5 Grams of White Gulmohar / Vadha Narayana Powder can be mixed with water and then boil for few minutes. After water gets warm  filter and drink it.


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