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Sweet Flag / Vasambu (Dried)

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Sweet Flag / Vasambu (Dried)

Sweet Flag / Vasambu 

Known As

Hindi  - Ghorbach, Safed bach  Tamil  - Vasambu Telugu  - Vadaja   Kannada - Baje Gida, Athibaje   Malayalam  - Vayambu, Vayampu   Sanskrit - Vacha, Vach, Bhutanashini

 Common English Names  - Sweet Flag  Botanical Name  -  Acorus Calamus


Organic - Drumstick Seed Powder(Murungai vithai Powder)

This package has 100% pure and organic Sweet Flag / Vasambu with out any chemicals or preservatives.




About Sweet Flag / Vasambu 

Sweet flag powder, derived from the rhizomes of the Acorus calamus plant, is a versatile and aromatic natural ingredient with a range of traditional uses. Also known as "Vacha" in Ayurveda, sweet flag powder is renowned for its potential health benefits and its role in culinary and therapeutic applications. Here's some content to showcase the significance and versatility of sweet flag powder:

    Unveil the ancient treasure of sweet flag powder, a botanical marvel sourced from the Acorus calamus plant. With its distinct aroma and multifaceted properties, this powder has captured the attention of cultures around the world for centuries.

Ayurvedic Wisdom

 In the realm of Ayurveda, sweet flag powder, or "Vacha," is esteemed for its potential to promote mental clarity and cognitive well-being. It has been traditionally used to support memory, focus, and overall mental acuity.

Culinary Delight

 Indulge your taste buds with the subtle and intriguing flavor of sweet flag powder. A pinch of this aromatic powder can elevate culinary creations, adding a unique essence to dishes and beverages.

Digestive Support

 Sweet flag powder has been valued for its digestive benefits. Incorporating it into your diet, whether in herbal teas or as a spice, may aid in soothing the digestive system and supporting healthy digestion.

Aromatic Charms

 The enticing fragrance of sweet flag powder has made it a favorite in perfumery and aromatherapy. Its soothing aroma is believed to have a calming effect on the mind and can be used in incense blends or potpourri.

Natural Mouth Care

Explore the potential of sweet flag powder in oral care rituals. Its antimicrobial properties have led to its traditional use in natural toothpaste and mouthwashes, contributing to oral hygiene.

Cultural Significance

 Embrace the rich cultural heritage associated with sweet flag powder. From ancient Ayurvedic texts to traditional practices, its legacy is a testament to the enduring value placed on this botanical treasure.

 As you embark on your journey with sweet flag powder, take a moment to appreciate the wisdom of the past and the potential it holds for your well-being. Whether you're seeking mental clarity, culinary inspiration, or aromatic bliss, sweet flag powder stands ready to infuse your life with its enchanting presence.


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