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White Turmeric / Poolankilangu / Kachur (Raw)

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White Turmeric / Poolankilangu / Kachur (Raw)

White Turmeric / Poolankilangu / Kachur / 

Known As

Hindi  -  Kachur, Kapur Kachri   Tamil  - Poolankilangu, Poolankizhangu  Telugu  - Gandha Kachuralu    Kannada -  Kapur Kachri  Malayalam  - Kacholam Sanskrit - Gandapatari

 Common English Names  -  White Turmeric, Spiked Ginger Lily  Botanical Name  - Hedychium Spicatum 


Peepal Fruit (Arasam Pazham / Arasam Palam) Powder


This package has 100% pure and organic White Turmeric / Poolankilangu / Kachur with out any chemicals or preservatives.



About White Turmeric / Poolankilangu / Kachur :

  Hedychium spicatum is a small, hardy perennial that grows to around 1 m, with green leaves and large orange and white flowers. It is also commonly known as spiked ginger lily, or perfume ginger or white turmeric.The Indian medicinal system (Ayurveda) described the species is useful in the treatment of swelling, asthma, fever, and pain. White Turmeric / Poolankilangu / Kachur has pungent, light, bitter, strong, heating properties and used in grime of mouth, swelling, cough, asthma, pain and hiccough. H. spicatum is being used in different parts of the Indian subcontinent since ancient time and having different names in different parts of world. The species is also an ingredient of some traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Tibetan medicine and Unani medicinal system.

The as well as decoction of the rhizome is carminative, digestive and emmenagogue. A small cup of the rhizome decoction twice in a day is considered expectorant, stimulant, stomachic, tonic and vasodilator. The rhizome 3–4 g two times in a day is used in asthma, foul breath, bronchitis, hiccough, vomiting, tridosha and blood diseases.  Also, the fruit of this species may be cooked and eaten with lentils in savoury Crushed dried rhizomes, both the bruised and the dried, are very aromatic with a fragrant, somewhat pungent smell similar to orris root but more powerful. The essential oil has a scent somewhat like hyacinths and highly perfumed for a considerable period.

White Turmeric / Poolankilangu / Kachur of the species is used orally for body pain and inflammation; however, small pieces of fresh roots cooked in burning flame and chewed with one glass of hot milk for the treatment of asthma and internal injury. The rhizome is also chewed by the local inhabitants of Uttarakhand to remove the bad smell from their teeth or mouth. The paste of fresh rhizome is given orally with hot water to the cattle and other domestic animals in case of stomach disorder. However, in Manipur, the rhizome is cooked to prepare chutney. In Himachal Pradesh, leaves are used in making mats for the home, combined with wheat straw, enhancing the durability of the product.


Amazing Health Benefits of White Turmeric / Poolankilangu / Kachur :


  • For Skin Care:

White Turmeric / Poolankilangu / Kachur is amazing to use for skin care and regular use heals almost all skin problems. For minor wounds and scrapes, if we just apply Spiked Ginger Lily poultice, it will helps heal the wound faster. For acne, try using Spiked Ginger Lily face pack daily for a few days, it will help both treat and prevent acne.


  • Anti Cancer Properties:

White Turmeric / Poolankilangu / Kachur has been traditionally used for cancer treatment and this traditional use has been proven to be true. A study proved that it is cytotoxic to gastric, breast and ovarian cancer cells. The compound that is responsible for it’s anti cancer properties is curcuzedoalide. The water extract of Spiked Ginger Lily has been proven to be effective in preventing many cancers.


  • Reduces High Cholesterol:

White Turmeric / Poolankilangu / Kachur consumption is very very good for people suffering from high cholesterol levels as it reduces LDL levels and increases HDL levels. In a study of people who were asked to regularly consume White Turmeric / Poolankilangu / Kachur for about 6 months, LDL dropped by 5.6 % and HDL level increased by 6% which is amazing.


  • Anti Microbial Properties:

It’s due to it’s amazing anti microbial properties that it is so effective in treating many skin problems including acne. If we use White Turmeric / Poolankilangu / Kachur for external application, it will treat all skin problems really well. Along with using it in bath recipes, it helps keep the skin blemish free.

  • Anti Inflammatory Properties:

Like all varieties of turmeric, White Turmeric / Poolankilangu / Kachur also reduces inflammation very very quickly. For reducing inflammation, we can either use it externally or consume the water extract of the root got by boiling the dried root in water. Both will work well in reducing the inflammation.


  • Analgesic Properties:

Another astonishing medicinal use of White Turmeric / Poolankilangu / Kachur is it’s analgesic (pain reducing) properties. The water decoction of the roots has been proven to be even more effective than standard over the counter pain relieving medicines we take regularly Curcumenol present in White Turmeric / Poolankilangu / Kachur is responsible for it’s wonderful analgesic properties.


  • Anti Ulcer Properties:

Traditionally the water extract of the root is used for treating stomach ulcers. White Turmeric / Poolankilangu / Kachur has been used in Unani system of medicine for treating ulcers.


  • Larvicidal Properties:

White Turmeric / Poolankilangu / Kachur is a wonderful natural mosquito repellent. You can include it in homemade mosquito repellent blends or you can just add few drops of the essential oil to diffusers to keep mosquitoes at bay.


  • Reduces Alcohol Induced Drunkenness:

White Turmeric / Poolankilangu / Kachur drunken driving is one of the leading causes of accidents and if they alone take a decoction of White Turmeric / Poolankilangu / Kachur and wait for 30 minutes before driving, it will save a lot of lives.


  • Anti Allergic Properties:

Another important medicinal use of White Turmeric / Poolankilangu / Kachur is it’s anti allergic properties. If you are suffering from allergies regularly, try consuming a cup of White Turmeric / Poolankilangu / Kachur. It will help reduce the allergy very quickly. 




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